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This chapter explores mainstream depictions of feederism and erotic weight gain, alongside an analysis of psychological and sociological research in this field. Mainstream portrayals come from documentaries, films, journalism, and websites. Psychological analysis encompasses studies on masochism and other paraphilia, evolutionary mechanisms, and addiction. Sociological work to date has often taken a feminist perspective regarding feederism as part of a patriarchal power dynamic. The feminist perspective is critically appraised alongside studies into stigmatized identities and framing. This chapter also highlights some of the methodological limitations in previous feederism research. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF.

I Accidentally Fell Into the Feeder Fetish Community

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Edit: Check out I do date women I like who aren’t feedees, and the more I do this, I realise ill have to ‘settle’ for a girl who.

So true! You have to finish all the chocolates on the top layer before started the second layer! A savoury ice cream style snack Not sure how we feel about this one! Mr Whippy, anyone? I can’t decide if this is genius or gross! What do you folks think? I mean if you’re going to exercise

Fetishisation & Feelings: The Fat Girl’s Guide To Plus-Size Dating Apps

Fat fetishism is sexual attraction to overweight or obese people due to their weight and size. A variety of fat fetishism is feed er ism or gaining , where sexual gratification is obtained not from the fat itself but from the process of gaining, or helping others gain, body fat. A study found that heterosexual male fat admirers preferred females that were clinically overweight and rated both overweight and obese women more positively than slighter individuals.

The study also found that participants reacted positively to a much wider range of figures than a control group, even rating emaciated figures higher.

Fantasy Feeder was the pound gorilla of feedist sites and still is a big part of the scene. But I dating Feabie is going to surpass it dating it hasn’t already.

We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and ads. Fantasy Feeder has a consumer rating of 1 star from 4 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Fantasy Feeder also ranks st among Dating sites. The most common issues with Fantasy Feeder are around returns, which are more complicated than expected by some customers. Nothing against lesbians but if you are a guy looking to talk to a fat woman, this isn’t it.

They may be beautiful on the outside but very ugly on the inside. Stay away from Mattahornbeaty. Fake profile!

‘My boyfriend kept feeding me … and then I realised he had a fat fetish’

Feeders Posted:. Believe it sworn not I got more male attention when I sworn big I still hate the word fat than I do now! For as well, they’re sworn feeders longer capable of standing! In the US she’s nothing site than average Oh well done, Strider. Yank on board. Anyway, in terms of and, you lot are catching up with us at an alarming pace, so enjoy your fry-up!

Lucy, 39, meets men on the website Fantasy Feeder, and, if she likes The site works as a dating agency and much of it is given over to the.

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Fat fetishism

Toggle navigation. Home About Contact. Website Information. Title Fantasy Feeder ‘description’ ‘Here at Fantasy Feeder we either want to be fat or we want to fatten. We’re feeders and feedees obsessed with over endulging our huge bellies and fat bottoms, and we’re here to share stories, play online games and encourage each other to gain weight.

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The act of sex is simple, but the spectrum of what turns people on is complex and varied. For some people pleasure comes from being in a certain position or engaging in a certain type of foreplay, for others it is more to do with the visual. For feeders and gainers, pleasure comes from food and weight gain. We live in a culture that largely discourages being overweight and praises dieting.

For gainers, it is more than just being able to eat whatever you like without judgment; being big is beautiful and eating makes them feel good. An anonymous gainer told the Telegraph that, even as a child, she had fantasies about inflating to the point where she could float away. She also spoke about stuffing pillows up her dress to look bigger and seeking out pregnant and plus size women in magazines and artwork.

Their enjoyment comes from the journey to obtaining their target weight and not the weight itself. How to gain weight is often a hot topic on gaining dating sites. A common misconception is that it is centred on unhealthy eating practices and gaining to the point of immobility, but their joy comes from variety and balance. Their diet does not always consist of junk food and most gainers dip in and out of scene to maintain normal working lives.

Ultimately, they just want to like what they see in the mirror when they are completely bare and vulnerable, which is something we all aim for. Submissive gainers allow the dominant to control how much they eat and how much weight they need to gain. It is not forced.

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Oh, hello. I started and stopped several episodes on drugs and one about some kind of porn-related thing but it all felt kind of done. Well, I […]. Clique aqui para atualizar o feed.

Feeding is a nesting bowl within feedism, a sexual subculture that fetishizes overeating and weight gain. Feeders want to feed their partners.

In the past year or so Lucy has gained one and a half stone. Since she has always been a ‘big girl’ — 5ft 8in and 17st — she’s not absolutely sure her husband has noticed. One thing is certain — he’d be horrified if he knew the reason behind his wife’s weight gain. Lucy, 39, meets men on the website Fantasy Feeder, and, if she likes them, agrees to an online feeding session.

About once a week, when she knows she’ll be home alone, her children at after-school clubs and her husband at work, Lucy sets up her laptop in her bedroom or front room, and closes the curtains. With her ‘feeder’ watching via webcam, she eats as much food as she wants or as much as he tells her. Sometimes she is fully clothed, sometimes barely. On another occasion Lucy devoured a whole chocolate cake in one sitting.

The Worst Best Blind Date Ever

If directed at me in a typical context, like, say, while at my estranged Italian aunt’s dinner party, then the answer would normally be “fuck yes. The act of feeding and being fed elicits conversation, forges bonds, and creates community. It also just tastes really good.

Although Fantasy Feeder is one of the better known, there are many more websites and blogs dedicated to weight gain.’It was a revelation to be.

ALEX thought John was perfect — until she realised he wanted her to change her body. Over a period of six weeks, I had a frequent customer: a tall lanky guy, with a thick crop of dark hair and the most startling bright blue eyes. I readily agreed. We went for a coffee, and the conversation flowed. John was 25 and studying for a degree in science at university. He was an outdoors type that loved exercising. Despite the seven-year age gap, we became instantaneously inseparable and fell in love.

A couple of months later, John started a conversation about what we were both attracted to physically. At the time, I was 65 kilos and cm tall. I had always had a rounded bottom and decent sized C cup breasts. Then he explained that not only did he like curvy women, but he also loved the act of making them curvier. I never had any body issues, although like most teenage girls I had wanted to be skinnier. I used to do a lot of sit-ups in pursuit of a flat tummy.

In some ways, it felt liberating to be with a guy that liked his women a little curvier.

Woman In ‘Feeder’ Relationship Eating 10,000 Calories Per Day To Reach 600LBs Before Wedding

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From the Daily Mail :. A morbidly obese woman who eats up to 10, calories a day, has revealed she’s marrying the man who encourages her weight gain. She met Eric Buddenhagen, 34, while searching online for someone to become her ‘feeder’. The pair met for their first date in August and ate pizza, watched movies and played video games together as Jessica revealed to him that she wants to pile on a further lbs to reach her ‘goal weight’ of lbs.

Just one month later the happy couple were having regular ‘stuffing’ days, in which Jessica consumes up to 10, calories with Eric’s encouragement. The customer service manager who weighs lbs, proposed in December by hiding a ring in an ice-cream sundae. Here’s what I found:. Philly feabies I get it I’m normally just here to go “whoaaaa! The power dynamic turns people on because the obese person feedee could eventually become totally reliant on the feeder because they might not be able to move….

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