First Impressions: Evolve’s Big Alpha (PC)

Generally favorable reviews – based on 39 Critic Reviews What’s this? Generally unfavorable reviews – based on Ratings. Evolve PC. User Score. Your Score. Rate this:. Log in to finish rating Evolve. Share this? Summary: In a savage world of man vs nature, are you the hunter or the hunted? Stalk your prey, execute your attack In a savage world of man vs nature, are you the hunter or the hunted?


Evolve , the multiplayer 4-on-1 shooter from Turtle Rock Studios, is about to enter a closed alpha phase. From Oct. The closed alpha will have a 24 hour exclusive window on the Xbox One, but PlayStation 4 and PC gamers will be able to jump in starting on Oct.

“During the Big Alpha and Open Beta periods we asked you – our community – for your Evolve launches on PS4, Xbox One and PC tomorrow.

In gameplay terms, Evolve is shaping up to be one of most enjoyable online team-based experiences we’ve played in quite some time. However, from a technical standpoint, what draws us to this title is the fact that it’s the first triple-A multi-platform rollout for Crytek’s stunning CryEngine across PS4, PC and Xbox One. Unfortunately, our initial excitement was tempered somewhat by the somewhat mundane – but extremely annoying – networking problems we encountered.

Connection issues, excessively slow matchmaking, and the appearance of occasional game-breaking bugs were frequent bugbears across all platforms during our test, putting a downer on the experience. Indeed, on the opening night, we spent around two hours with the game on the Xbox One and only managed to get a single match under our belt.

In comparison, the PC version gave us a little less trouble after an update was installed, although we still encountered connection issues and matches where our character model and abilities failed to load when playing as either monster available in the alpha – the Goliath and Kraken. Things improved for us as the alpha phase progressed, but the problems were never too far away.

The situation didn’t improve on PlayStation 4. Due to unforeseen incompatibilities with the recent 2. But even after the patch was deployed the matchmaking and unstable connections continued to a much greater extent compared to on other platforms – we only experienced between eight gameplay sessions across a 12 hour period, with most of the time spent stuck in menu screens or reloading the game after it crashed. All of this aggravation doesn’t make for a great introduction to Evolve, and that’s a shame.

Once we got past these problems and immersed ourselves in the gameplay, we found a highly entertaining experience, offering up a very different approach to the standard team-based shooter. And we finally got what we wanted from the alpha – a realistic appraisal of CryEngine’s capabilities across both of the new wave consoles, and an appreciation of how they compare to the high-end PC experience. It’s clear that the technology is put to good use in realising detailed, multi-level environments featuring a mixture of natural rocky landscapes and industrial man-made structures that showcase a range of accomplished effects, including dynamic lighting and weather with varying degrees of rain and snow , realistic surface shaders, and full water physics.

4v1vReality: Will Evolve and 4v1 Multiplayer Be a Hit?

Turtle Rock Studios is involved in the creation of original titles as well as the provision of consulting services to the digital entertainment industry. The company’s most notable games are the first Left 4 Dead , which was published by Valve, and Evolve , which was originally set to be published by THQ but was later published by 2K Games. The founder of the company had worked for Westwood Pacific , and assisted in the development of the Counter-Strike series.

The company expanded from six employees to more than seventy staff members from to and opened a subsidiary company called Turtle Rock Garage in , which specialized in developing casual and experimental games for platforms such as iPhone, Facebook and Xbox Live. Turtle Rock Studios was founded by Michael Booth.

that was able to get in on the Evolve action this weekend for the Big Alpha will have run into some form of networking or matchmaking issues.

Excited for Evolve? We sure are! In a couple of weeks there will be a chance us to play the 4v1 co-op game on your platform of choice, via the “Big Alpha” test! Sign up now to obtain access to the alpha build on the game. The first public test for the alpha build of Evolve will be happening at the end of this month, referred to as the “Big Alpha” test. This limited alpha will first occur from October 30th through November 2nd on Xbox One, while a smaller, more limited alpha for the PS4 and PC versions will begin a day later on October 31st through November 2nd.

Those that register on their official site will receive a code to obtain access. Chris Ashton, co-founder and design director of Turtle Rock Studios had this to say regarding the alpha:. We need to stress test the servers and the matchmaking system, look at balance, unlock rates, etc. To register for the Evolve alpha, go to their registration page and include the following codes:. Turtle Rock Studios also wanted to remind everyone that the Big Alpha test will be available to those who preorder the game at select retailers, including: Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart.

Look out for an email with the code included.

‘Evolve’ PS4 Big Alpha Delayed By Turtle Rock, Cites Firmware Issues

Oct, Additionally, you can guarantee entry if you preorder the game. Obviously, the game is being marketed heavily on the XBOX side of things, but the link below allows you to register with OUR code for any of the 3 platforms.

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Evolve is the upcoming game by Turtle Rock Studios of previous Left 4 Dead fame where one Monster player gets to pit themselves competitively against four Hunters with different roles like Medic, Trapper, Support and Assault playing cooperatively. Being rather cheap and unwilling to pay a box price sight unseen, I was initially perfectly content to wait until after launch and pick it up when it got discounted, following prior established pattern for all these FPS games like Left 4 Dead or Natural Selection 2.

Pits one monster player against four hunter players. The level of challenge and resultant enjoyment or frustration faced depends very much on the players themselves and their level of skill and where they are on the learning curve. Any asymmetries in the matchup produce something less enjoyable as a result, and the variance in encounters can be exceedingly high. At the moment, though there are in-game tooltips and an introduction video when playing a new character, there still seems to be gaps where an unsuspecting player can accidentally skim through and miss something.

For example, in my first game, I had selected Monster as my first priority of character, followed by Support, Trapper, Assault then Medic. Then hit the automatic matchmaking. Being my first game, I had no clue that this was an in-progress match — for all I knew, this was the standard introduction screen. Pressed E. Pressed E a few more times.

Egold: Evolve. Also, PC Beta For L4D / Binfinite Owners

Alright, if you started the Big Alpha since day one you’ve known that it started out a buggy mess. It put the players into lobbies with ten people and not five, which is the normal max capacity. When the game realized it’s mistake, it would kick all the players and make you re-enter the matchmaking. This lasted for somewhere between three to seven hours.

– Evolve Update Goes Live, PC Hotfix l AI improvement is a breath of fresh air for Evolve. A News about Dal Leegame ui · Welcome to Alpha, the City of Mechas, for the event that the whole world Matchmaking algorithm HAS to be broken – Bugs – Turtle Rock Forums Turtle Rock, Game.

Turtle Rock Studios on Wednesday published a detailed blog post about Evolve ‘s recently concluded Xbox One beta, which ran January The post reveals key statistics about the beta and goes into depth about what the developer learned and how it plans to adjust the game going forward. Turtle Rock co-founder Chris Ashton also answered a number of questions about the beta.

You can find some highlights below, or read the full blog post here. No more level 20 players versus level 1 players and as a result, the stats were staggeringly balanced. But we still had matchmaking rough edges. In some situations we were trying to match people into full games, or parties into games that didn’t have enough open slots, so that should be sorted for launch. That’s just part of the job. We’ve had to work through that with every game we’ve ever made. Our primary concern was always the fun factor.

Making sure that the game was incredibly fun for both sides. Just take a look at what happened with Kraken. We were really pleased to see Kraken fall into place this time.

2K Games ‘Evolve’ Big Alpha release date gets delayed on PlayStation 4: Here’s why

Hunters, shooter fans, giant monsters, unite! Do you enjoy the occasional, death-defying hunt through exotic alien jungles? Or do you prefer the confidence of a lumbering giant that hurls rocks at prey? Evolve caters to both play styles! The closed alpha test is happening on PS4 from October 31st to November 2nd. Please mark your calendars.

Please Share Your Evolve Big Alpha Experience I played a couple games last night, matchmaking was a bit of a bitch and I ended up playing.

To join in with the discussions yourself email gamecentral ukmetro. From this alpha I decided that the pre-order status I have for this game needed to be cancelled until I can see more of the game. It is being touted as a Left 4 Dead type co-op game, with teamwork needed in order to bring down the monster. I can categorically state that Left 4 Dead is infinitely better. To me it just seemed like running in circles constantly, which was pretty boring you got a map at the end which plots out the game, most of the time it was just circles.

However the whole thing could change if you played with friends or people that spoke, something which never happened on the alpha. Also, there is only three monsters at launch I hear. I played Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition earlier this year, having not played the original version, and thought it was fantastic and would class it in my considerations. GC: No, we never include remakes in our game of the year awards. The game that graphically pushed a console like a console had never been pushed before.

Play the Evolve Big Alpha on PS4 This Halloween

Turtle Rock hasn’t been shy about getting Evolve into the hands of players. The developer provided play sessions at virtually every gaming convention over the past year, and offered fans extended alpha and beta sessions before release. That “proof is in the pudding” approach revealed the core gameplay experience of Evolve, but also opened the door to questions about its breadth and longevity. At long last, the final game is here, and remains true to what we’ve seen before; Evolve is a concentrated and highly replayable experience, if you can accept the limitations of its unique format.

Evolve offers up the flimsiest of narratives to frame its endless 4v1 conflicts. A burgeoning human colony on planet Shear has been overrun by giant monsters, and it’s up to a ragtag crew of disparate hunters to hold them off and save whatever fleeing civilians they can.

Evolve Beta: Million Matches Played, Monster-Hunter Win Evolve launches February 10 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Matchmaking Changes: “We made matchmaking changes from the Big Alpha to the Beta and.

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Evolve Getting Closed Alpha Over Halloween Weekend – Register Now

Evolve comes out tomorrow. It’s one of the larger games of the first quarter of , so you’ve probably heard about it even if you’re not one of the people picking it up. It builds on the same basic gameplay found in Left 4 Dead, but puts an additional player in the antagonist’s chair: four hunters versus one monster.

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Sign-ups for Evolve Closed Alpha Have Begun

Mixed or average reviews – based on 31 Critic Reviews What’s this? Mixed or average reviews – based on Ratings. Evolve Xbox One. User Score. Your Score.

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Today, a slight bit of information was released on the game, along with a piece of concept art. A video showing off the single-player portion of Evolve has been released by 2K and Turtle Rock. Best Destiny videos of the week — epic kills and loot rage. MLB 15 The Show continues year-to-year saves, has real time sun and shadows. Bloodborne PS4 bundle pops up on Amazon Spain. Ermac joins Mortal Kombat X cast. Badland: Game of the Year Edition coming this spring to multiple platforms.

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Evolve Alpha: Xbox One vs PC Comparison